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pool :: interaction design review for the ABC Radio National's pool.org.au

Pool was a collaborative space where audiences become 'co-creators'. It was a place to share and talk about creative work - music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more.

Pool involved ABC professionals and audiences in an open-ended process of participation, co-creation and collaboration. It was a predictive project for the ABC, conducting research-in-action at the intersection of broadcast and participatory media, and using an open rights framework to explore this new territory with community and education partners.

research aims

The interaction design review and redesign project developed a holistic review of the orginal site, and built a coherent understanding of the strategic objectives of various stakeholders, and defined functionality and designs that could help Pool’s user experience with these identified objectives.

The project researched the application of:

  • social networking technologies and

  • user generated content (UGC)

and their effect on:

  • changing media audiences

  • changing production processes and frameworks

  • education

  • visual aesthetics for the site


The insights gained in this project were likely to have broad application. Social media was becoming the default experience of the web for many people. We predict as this spreads, sites like Pool would become more significant as places to explore the changing media landscape.




project leader
Marius Foley (RMIT University)
e marius.foley@rmit.edu.au
partners + collaborators
RMIT University
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
University of Technology Sydney
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