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oscillating rhythms :: a new approach to rhythm generation

Oscillating Rhythms

Oscillating Rhythms

a powerful new musical tool for OSX providing a completely new approach to rhythm generation


Download Oscillating Rhythms for Mac OSX 10.5 (filesize: 2.06 MB)

Oscillating Rhythms screenshot

Oscillating Rhythms screenshot

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Oscillating Rhythms is a generative tool designed to help you explore rhythmic space. Leveraging the power of periodic functions, Oscillating Rhythms provides users with high level control over low-level detail. Up to four tracks can be layered providing users with a rich pattern generation tool, from straight 8ths through to the most complex polyrhythms. Oscillating Rhythms is an AudioUnit host, so load up your favorite drum sampler and away you go. From the simple to the sublime, Oscillating Rhythms is sure to spark your creativity – just don't forget to record your performance!

Oscillating Rhythms is a generative tool designed to produce drum patterns by leveraging the power of simple oscillators. Oscillators are used to control all aspects of a performance including pitch selection, velocity, timbrel change and modulation. The reason that oscillators are such useful tools for producing musical material is their inherently periodic nature. By combining oscillators controlling pitch, rhythm and timbre and providing very precise control over each oscillators period, phase and amplitude it is possible to build rhythmic patterns ranging from the subtle to the outrageous.


MP3 icon A bollywood extravaganza

MP3 icon A straight ahead funk shuffle

MP3 icon New Orleans Groove

MP3 icon Lay back into some smooth jazz

MP3 icon A little crazy

QuickTime Movie icon A wild and woolly ride that pushes Oscillating Rhythms to its extremes

project leader
Andrew Sorensen (Queensland University of Technology)
t +61 7 3337 7821
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